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Higher anti-shock effect than traditional wrapping paper

In contrast to traditional wrapping paper, Polsterpack is structured by wet embossing, which gives it a higher shock-absorbing effect. It is available in space-saving rolls of various weights, but can also be cut to size on request. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The cushioning paper is functional because, in addition to its shock-absorbing effect, it has anti-slip and absorbent properties. It is used, for example, as an interlayer in the porcelain, ceramic and glass industry, as an anti-slip interlayer in the metal industry or in shipping, or as an absorbent dirt-repellent protective sheeting for renovation work.

Inexpensive manufacturing - great price

The dunnage paper is made from 100% recycled paper, making it economical and sustainable. It is also compostable.

This saves resources.

110 – 300 gsm

100 – 2000 mm wide
70 – 300 m long

50 x 50mm – 2000 x 3000mm
(also with special geometry)
Wrapping paper insert

100% recycled paper

Our cushioning paper, which we call Polsterpack, is made from 100% recycled paper. Its production is therefore inexpensive and it is environmentally friendly. In addition, it can be 100% reintegrated into the recycling cycle.

Applications of "Polsterpack" wrapping paper

Papier demballage pour porcelaine
Crumpled paper
Padding Paper
Paper crusher for cups
Dish Paper Paper

Creasing paper and stuffing paper

Our wrapping paper with wet embossing is also ideal as a liner or interleaving for parcels. Also, it can be used as stuffing paper or cushioning paper to fill the carton. It is therefore an ecological alternative to bubble wrap or polystyrene chips.

Wrapping paper in DIY stores

Wrapping paper enriches the sales offer of DIY stores in many areas. For example, it can be offered with moving boxes as packing and cushioning paper (50 cm roll), or in the paint department as floor protection (in rolls up to 2 m).

In addition, the DIY store can use our cushioning paper, which we call Polsterpack, itself in its daily activities, e.g. store or when shipping products to customers. After use, the wrapping paper can be discarded and recycled. Compared to painter's tarps, this approach is environmentally friendly.

Wrapping paper used as:

  • Floor protection during store transformations
  • Floor protection for painting work
  • Protection for storing products with fragile surfaces

Commercial wrapping paper:

  • as cushioning paper to complete moving boxes
  • as a durable and environmentally friendly painter's tarpaulin

Cushioning paper & wrapping paper in mail order

Polsterpack also finds versatile use in mail order. It can be used as crumpling paper, providing an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene chips or plastic bubble wrap.

Since mail order uses large amounts of packaging materials, the use of wrapping paper can make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Besides its use as a crumpling paper to fill voids in packages, wrapping paper can also be used in a more traditional way to discreetly wrap already-wrapped goods.

In this way, we can dispense with overpack boxes. The packaging of the goods is less bulky and their shipping is more economical.

Cushioning paper used:

  • As crumpling paper to fill parcels
  • As an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene chips and plastic bubble wrap
  • To replace overpack boxes when sending different products in the original box
  • Economical and discreet shipping

fast (in roll)

safe thanks to wet embossing

economical thanks to low consumption

eco-friendly – 100% recycled paper

other fields of application

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